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Why Cruise?

When choosing a vacation, you have many options, so why should you cruise?

There are many reasons, including most people's favorite: Unpack once and see many different places. No packing up and catching trains or buses to get to your next location. Explore the area on your port call and simply return and be transported while dining or resting in a comfortable cabin.

Also mentioned by our clients are the wonderful dining choices, clean and comfortable accommodations, non-stop onboard activities (to participate in, watch, or ignore - your choice), nightly entertainment and a great variety of tours at each individual port of call.

Another plus is that a cruise experience is virtually all-inclusive! With meals and onboard entertainment included on all cruises, you only pay for things that you want, never for anything you need.

With cruising steadily receiving the highest customer satisfaction ratings throughout the travel industry, you can count on an experience that will delight you and your group in every aspect of your cruise. In fact, today's ships leave nothing to chance which is why cruises are the fastest growing vacation and meetings segment in the entire travel industry.

Selecting the right cruise line for your vacation can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you try to do it yourself. There are so many available itineraries, staterooms, amenities, ship sizes, dining and activities are just part of a large list of preferences that need to be considered. Differences between cruise lines can be vast, and the last place to discover that the nuances do not suit your style is when you're miles out at sea. As travel experts who specialize in breaking down and simplifying the cruise process we're here to help you select the cruise that best aligns with you and your vacation criteria.


Selecting a cruise that's right for you depends upon several things:

  • Choosing a Cruise line: Understanding the general differences between cruise lines.
  • Choosing a ship: Reviewing activities and amenities that vary by the type of ship.
  • Choosing a cabin or stateroom: Examining the cabin or stateroom options from which to choose.
  • Choosing a destination and duration: Defining your travel preferences and sense of adventure.
Let us help you navigate through a world of options to create the perfect cruise vacation for you!

2017 Group Tours
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Pacific Grove Travel is your Alaska expert! Our agents have been there many times and can help you with all your inquires to this fantastic "Last Frontier".

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