Dear Joe and Staff!
A note to tell you and your staff what an excellent Cruise you honored us with. NEVER before have we had a more pleasant, joyful, vacation and more cordial help throughout!
Joe – a pleasure to witness the best! We will be your finest advocates!
Thanks, again, the cruise was a total honor! Thank you,

Tom & Wilma W.

Dear Joe,
It’s hard to believe things went so flawlessly — as if it were no trouble at all to have busses on time, baggage well handled, party time notable, and — as a special extra for me — lunch that day with you.
I want to be on record as a person finding your skills awesome. Thank you for a job well done.
Joan S.

Thank you for a fantastic cruise, delicious strawberries & photo to show you!
Vicki & Steven M.

Dear Joe,
It has been a week that we have been back, and Joseph and I still talk quite often about the trip. Thank you so much for making that vacation so perfect.
Every part of the trip was well thought out, and you and your staff did such a great job making sure that everything went well.
Thanks again,
Chris & Joseph T.

Dear Laura,
Thanks for being a great host. Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful cruise. Appreciate all the help and extra things you did for us A pleasure being with you.
Joan & Jim V.

Bob W… wanted the name of a good travel agent. Of course ……. you are that person.
Ken J.

Dear Laura,
Thanks for all your help you are the best!.
Lots of love,

Thank you!! My father speaks so highly of you, I really appreciate your expertise and everything you do for him! (and me!)
Eve C.

Dear Mary,
Thanks for your expert travel advice & guidance. More to come, I hope!
Jeanette D.

Thanks for all your help with our many adventures! Hope we will be planning another soon!
Kent & Marianne D.

Dear Mary,
Thanks for all your help as always! Can’t wait to go on the Tauck trip you’ve arranged for us.
Best wishes!
Betty & “Mom” L.

We wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we are having on our trip. Thank you for your help.
Joe & Jay A.